I am on the verge of abandoning my tophatter.com adventure altogether. So far, I have listed two items that have gone to auction, and neither of them have sold. Moreover, it was the same item twice, and it STILL didnt go anywhere. That sucks.

Now, they changed everything so that you can only list 1 or 3 or however many items at once based on your ‘reputation’, which the site gives you based on various factors which i went over in my last post about tophatter.com.

So, After my last failed auction, i tried to list an item, one more time. I even tried listing something different. But NONE of the categories I tried to list in had openings. NONE, and i tried a lot…… So essentially the site says i will get an email when a spot opens, but it has been over a week and I havent gotten one. Plus, I even tried deleting and re-re-listing it again, and still, no email.

So, at this rate, it is looking like at best, and assuming i get lots of bids and sell everything, I MIGHT be able to TRY and sell one item a month, if that. But as of right now I cant even get a spot.

Hypothetically if I keep at it i MIGHT get something sold, and assuming i only get a few bids on the thing, maybe not, but if i continue to pursue this, for (by my calculations) another 6 months to a year, i might be able to get to a decent amount of listable items, and maybe make some sales. BIG IF

but is it worth it even?

I am making a killing on Etsy, by the way. Tophatter just becomes less and less worth the effort all the time.

but maybe thats part of the scheme. Drive people away? Less traffic, so they can handle the site better? Idk… Ugh. How obnoxious. I am going to go and try and list one more time, and after i get my email saying theres a slot in six months, assuming i get to my computer before everyone else getting that same email does, then i will have my auction and maybe possibly sell something for most likely, less than it should be.I am not putting anymore effort into it after that. But honestly I dont think it will even get that far.

Here I go to clean out my attempts at listing, and try again. But MAN, what a drag.

However, again, I would love to see the site become equally functional to everyone, including myself, but It really just keeps getting harder and harder.

Bad Form, Tophatter.

And dont come leave comments in my inconsequential blog, like before. Show me, and everyone else, on the site.

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