**EDIT** 12/5/12

I have cancelled my tophatter.com account permanently, but as the owner of this blog, every single day, people come through here using the keywords ‘tophatter.com sucks’ ‘I hate tophatter’ , ‘tophatter.com ripped me off’ and ‘tophatter.com review’…

As i edge closer and closer to my9,000th visitor… I feel i owe it to all of you guys, googling these terms, and coming here to this blog, to keep up on how people feel about this site, even though you couldnt personally get me to use it again if THEY paid ME instead of sucking outrageous amounts of cash away from me, and you.

These are actual quotes, of comments left by my readers, who clearly felt strongly enough about the issue to sit down and write out some really insightful replies….

Here are some of the comments i have received in this very blog, regarding tophatter.com:

“Hi, Kim…
Yes, Tophatter is changing, and changing quickly. I have been selling on there only a few weeks, but had been watching the auctions off and on since February. You think the fees were interesting when you tried it, you should see what they are doing now. They are “experimenting” with changing a fee to list your item PLUS the % seller’s premium. last night they tried a $12 scheduling fee in “night owl” and the fee goes down as the early morning wears on.. and naturally as the crowd wanes. Really? It is insane.If one chooses to participate in this (which i can’t ), the seller is subject to the scheduling fee, PLUS the seller’s premium, plus paypal’s fees.

They have cut out the “global” 3am pst (6am est) altogether, so the earliest auction will be early bird at 6am pac, 9am est. They plan to continue this “trial period” through the holidays. This severely impacts many of the sellers who handmake their items, and don’t really get all that high of a bid depending on what time of day they can get on to sell. there are plenty of people no through who get refurbished electronics and resell those, or buy rings and earrings from shadora.com and resell those; so they get higher bids and can afford the fees. So I no more than invest what little extra money I had in jewelry making tools and materials just in time for this squeeze out in exorbitant fees and again just in time for the holidays.

I’m getting ready to open an etsy store so I am hoping what appearances i can make in auctions will drive sales in the store too. but still…. it seems like the people who have tophatter are arrogant business college students instead of actual business owners with actual experience… book smart and common sense dumb in understanding they need to let the free market make their site grow. Their ideas for non paying bidders lacks common sense also, Paypal takes the father figure role for this pretty much since they are the entity used for payment… new emails coming out every couple of weeks with new rules, fee schedules, and such. So hard to keep up.

The chat mute policy is beyond stupid and once a person is “permanently muted” by a staff member there is no appeal process as the founders and co founders “trust the judgement of the staff” who are paid, AND also happen to be sellers there. gee – a little conflict of interest ya think?

So instead of recognizing a great thing they have with even better potential, and just tweak things here and there… they decide to overhaul section by section, rolling the dice until something just happens to work. Unbelievable. So I’m debating what to do in trying to get the most sales for the least in fees… leaving tophatter might be one of them – I’m still not sure yet.. but I have had to stop selling in many of their auctions because of the buy-ins instead of putting my item on stand by in hopes of someone liking it enough to advance into the actual auction lineup. It is beyond frustrating…


I totally agree with you, it is very frustrating, when your only options are Standby and to see there are hardly any items in the actual auction. They suck!!


I hate tophatter. I hate tophatter as a seller and a buyer. i agree completely. I am so freaking tired of the same 5 items in every auction and a standby list of 600 items up for 2 mins. (if i have to see another f-ing glow locket I’m going to puke). The staff are a bunch if do-nothing fat cats sitting back collecting their money laughing at us all. I have been waiting weeks and sending repeated emails and talking to the ‘lip service’ live chat people to get 2 stupid listings removed from my bill. Also while half the items I’ve bought from this site have not arrived in over a month and not a peep from sellers. My negative feedback is not left for all to see… like they are purposely protecting bad sellers. This site is bad news all round! They let people sell counterfeit sterling silver re-sale china stuff on there. I flag countless items I know to be plated fakes. They do nothing at all. And if you try to tell anyone not to bid, they silence you faster then you can say ‘boo’. Only happy smiley people aloud on ‘top-hater’. This site is run by a very poor programmer. I’d be surprised if they had more then 3 people running hundreds of thousands of listings daily. The live staff are nothing but smiling help desk automotons. Might as well be a list of computer drop down menus for all the ‘help’ they give.


I couldnt agree more! I too am having issues with selling on Tophatter, their favorite’s list has left the rest of us out in the cold hoping that our stuff makes it off standby. Oh not to mention when your item is removed from standby and your not told why? Or the constant policy changes they make without telling you? I deleted my profile after 3 weeks of seeing nothing following 3 weeks of selling items. IF I wanted to be on standby Id sell on Ebay. So freakin tired of it! Etsy isnt much better but at least it doesnt make you want to pull your hair out when your $15 item sells for less than $3…..


tophatter is FULL of people buying $2-5 items from china and selling them as real gold, silver and platinum there. I provided them with indisputable proof and they said they can’t do anything without actually seeing the product. So poor slobs going there and bidding think they are getting something that retails for $200 (it says so…) and they bid up to $100. By the time they realize it is plating PayPal time limit will probably be done.

It could be so awesome, and yet it is being destroyed by it. Most of the sellers and one of the hosts are doing it. They also give priority scheduling to these people, so they are the ones in every single auction and sometimes promoted as the main picture for an auction.



Also found you by typing Tophatter sucks, lol, just because I got mad at them, lol! I dislike their scheduling system lots. I had worked my way up to being able to schedule 10 listings and just because 2 of my items did not sell because it was slow that night (they were in the same auction), they knocked my scheduling priveledges back down to 3! Now I can understand it being knocked a little, but from 10 to 3! It took a lot of patience to get to 10! I have positive feedback, and I can not help if the room was slow that night, lol! Lots of others did not sell that night and only a few items made it off of standby. Oh, well, I still had maxed out my 10, so hopefully the other stuff will sell and pull it back up.


I joined tophatter recently. I did try to sell a popular item at below market price. I never got an email saying it sold or not. They only allow new people to post one item. I guess the question is now, why bother? I have stuff to sell, maybe some things people want, but I don’t think I want to wait around and beg for sales. Etsy is probably better. The the competition there is quite difficult there, and dirty.
Thats the world today, you have to learn to enjoy it.


I found this by typing “why tophatter.com sucks” into Google, hehe… I have to agree with you, it’s next to impossible to get a spot, and then all of that anticipation for no sale, and for more than HALF OFF what I charge on Etsy.com, anyway?? Silly. It seems quite cliquey, too, when chat is enabled. Etsy has such a great, supportive community, I’m going to focus my attention there.


So… There it is. You can go back through this blog to the various entries concerning tophatter and find the original postings if you like. I couldnt make this stuff up if i tried…..

Now for the rest of the original entry i wrote here….

Well, my auction at Tophatter.com was a complete bust. It turns out this is the first time they are offering the ‘handmade items’ category, so not only was it unpopular, it was full of nothing but diaper coozies and weird little… makeup-bag looking things. The other sellers present at the time were bummed for me, completely surprised that it didnt go anywhere. Then one of the mods in the auction recommended I re-list and try a different category. She said she knows it will sell, but maybe this isnt the category. So, i have rescheduled a new auction for March 1st, 2012, at 9am pst, 12pm est….

Everything about me as a person wants to be bummed out about this, but I am trying to actively maintain that this was a learning experience, and merely a simple little tiny pebble in the myriad of stones which I will walk on, to get where I want to be. March 1st isnt that far away, and I have very, high hopes for this bag.

Tophatter.com was ridiculously difficult to operate for me, and no matter what i did, for the first few days, no action would get the listing to come through as listed… it was so annoying. It literally took me like a week just to get the listing up.  Once that fiasco was over, I had my listing, and from there it was just tons of waiting. and waiting…. and waiting….

Something I really dont like about the site right now is that you have to wait so long between listing opportunities. This changes with successive sales, I think you can list one more item at a time for every sale you make…(*correction, you have to make THREE sales before you can sell more than one thing at once…*) which is great, if youre in the right auction category, and it is is full of things similar to yours…. which mine was not, but what can you do…. i personally will try a different category to list in. I dont feel that it is  as appropriate to my item, but i think i will have much more luck with it. Sounds oxymoronical, right? Nope. Just in Tophatter.com speak.

Also, this struck me as particularly unprofessional:

I got a FB update from Tophatter.com, which was making an attempt at explaining that instead of a flat 10% fee on all sales, It will be minimum of $1.00. Basically so if an item sells cheap they dont have to work with those pesky decimals and unrounded figures… Sure, I can dig that I guess, but how wouldyousay that on your website? Me personally, I would say something like:

“Due to a recently revealed knothole in our figures, (our bad!) we would like te let you all know that there will now be a minimum $1.00 fee on all sales, to eliminate us making silly small amounts (like .80 on an $8.00 listing)f or hosting your listings, which we do gladly! But In order to continue to exist we will be amending our policy to better improve the future of Tophatter.com.”

or something like that, right?


“$1 minimum seller fee… As of last night, when a seller uploads a new lot onto Tophatter they will see a checkbox to agree to the 10% seller fee, which now has a minimum fee per lot sold of $1. This change doesn’t effect any lots already scheduled, but…”

buuuuut…. what? is that supposed to allude to the fact that all orders being placed from this date forward will be subject to the new change? Well gee, maybe you should be a little more professional and explain that? Perhaps offer up a few more details to show that the people who are going to be in charge of your orders/listings/your paypal middle man have any degree of competency, moreover concern for the people who actually are making the site a possibility? like the sellers, who you just flippantly dismissed as being not worth the extra two courteous and serviceable sentences after telling them they have to pay you more?

Why? to pay the grapefruits? If I start seeing messages typed ‘LyKe DiS Den ahm GuNnA b 2 scrd 2 use dis Syte nemor….’

And it wouldnt even surprise me….

I wonder if anyone has had any problems with orders sticking, or payments getting ‘lost’….? Id sure like to know. I think if it has not happened yet, that it probably will. Unless someone recognizes the goldmine these people are sitting one and either buys it and kicks out the children, or just goes in and cleans house. Also, A set of guidelines per category would be nice. Just sayin….

I really hope to see this site get its act together. I think it could be an amazing venue, and it has uber potential. Could even give Etsy a run for its money, if properly maintained, and marketed. But theres a lot of things I see being present at current that will bring it down to little more than a passing fad I believe…. However, if they get it together… look out…..

Ill tell you what though. Etsy’s customer support is amazing. Its like the Geico of selling venues. Call anytime day or night and theyre there. always, with real, intense, in depth answer to any questions you may have, as well as link support. I havent ever looked for a live chat function on Etsy but I also havent had to because the email service i got was incredible. And I wasnt asking simple questions. Tophatter lacks this intensely. I would say ‘but then again it is free so what do you expect?’ but it isnt free. Its 10% of your sale to get ignored.

In their defense though, Sue in the Handmade Items auction was very informative, polite, and supportive. have to mention that. Unlike the ‘Nard Dog. (see previous entry)

OK, thats enough of my ranting. I only want to put out good juju… I do however feel a civil duty to my fellow creators to fully investigate this venue from the vantage point of a dedicated and unflinching aspirer of the art, and a starving salesman…. And this is what i have come across. I do have muchly high hopes though… Stay tuned for updates on how it all improves or continues to fail.

A rep from tohatter came through and saw this entry, and commented their defense in the comments, so be sure to check that out. I am so happy to see someone caring for them, and making the effort to correct the issues. Check out what they had to say below….

Pressing forward…

Meanwhile, here is the finished Rasta Commission I had. I just finished it up today, and come tomorrow itll be gone gone gone with the mail, and on its way to a wonderful young lady who i know will enjoy it very much. Hopefully she tells all her young friends and they all come running for their own custom pieces. :-) That would be great. I would love that.

Heres some pictures:

Isnt it beautiful!!!??? Ohmahgawd! When I make things like this it makes me wish i wore more hats… or hats at all really, but I generally dont because they hide my awesome hair. :-) Unless My hair is being the anti-awesome in which case thats the one time you will see me in a hat.

This hat was cool because i learned how to make a scalloped edge, which you can see in thelast line of color only in the first and second pictures. That was done by stitching: sc, sc, dc, dc, tr.c, dc, dc, sc, sc and repeating all the way around. I did the main body of the hat in single crochet, and on a size J hook. And the brim.hat band i did in single crochet also, but with a size G hook. I crocheted the band separately and sewed it in later. :-)

I am ridiculously proud of this piece and hope to do many more like it.

Be sure to check out my Etsy link at the top of the page. :-) And come friend me on facebook. :-) And dont forget about my 25% off sale on all my Etsy items with mention of this blog! :-)

<3 to you all…


1.00 fee on all sales,