So, i see a lot of people coming through here using search tags like Mistic ecig and Logic Ecig.

So here are my thoughts on both of those, starting with the Logic Ecig


The Logic Ecig is one of the best disposable brands i have come across.I passed down my first Logic Ecig battery and ONE carto to my neighbor, to get him started, once i moved on to myEgo-T and various attachments. That was nearly a year ago, and he is STILL using that same battery, AND the ORIGINAL carto. Logic cigs are some kind of awesomeness. the original juice that comes in them reminds me a bit of a black and mild, but it is still very pleasant vaping in spite of that, and one gets usedto it quickly.

The vapor production is excellent, and as i said, they stand unmatched in the durability of their batteries and cartos. I got mine at Shop Rite. What you may not know though, is that you can get an entire line of products to support the Logic cig, and that it is not just a disposable type. They have everything from batteries, to chargers, to car adapters, to cartos. here is the website.

And, as i said before….

The Logic cig makes excellent cartos, and the ONE and ONLY one i ever needed to use, i passed down to my neighbor when i got him vaping, nearly a year ago, and he is STILL using it. I get him juice online as he is not very internet or computer savvy, and he fills the SAME carto over and over and uses it daily.

You CAN refill your logic cartos if you know what you are doing, and if you do not, here is a video.

AND here is the amazing Pbusardo of Youtube, The Vaping Guru, showing you how.

I fully recommend refilling your cartos. especially if you are paying 20 bucks for 5 or 6 prefilled ones. pay that once, and start refilling yourself, and youll have cartos for the YEAR.

Logic cigs are amazing, as far as their hardware, regarding battery life, fillability, vapor production, and general ability to hold up to day to day wear.

Absolutely a great step into vaping, and i hope to see their company last along time.

Also, a quick tip, if you want some more vapor production, you can be sneaky and cover one of the air holes with your finger. just dont pull too hard or long.

Now, for the Mistic Ecig.


So, as most of you know, the Mistic is discontinued, and im guessing most of the people coming through here tagging it in their searches are looking for a place to get parts and further cartos. HOWEVER, lose not your hope, in spite of this discontinued product. you can get Mistic parts, cartos, chargers, and anything else you may need, at:

You are going to want to click to the left where it says ‘mistic compatible ecigs’ and you will be brought here:

From this page you can order you batteries, chargers, cartos, and even… the Mistic style juice. However, as i said with the Logic cig, i highly recommend filling your own cartos.  I hope this helps. This model is called the ‘Mirage’.

The Mistic/Mirage cig has a great carto on it, with what i suspect to be a slightly beefier coil. i dont know for sure but the draw and the vapor production is great in these.

Also from, i recommend the Geneva model, which is compatible with the Greensmoke. provided parts for MOST discontinued lines of ecig. whatever your model is, check them out if they stopped making it.

NOW…. Moving on to my latest discovery for the CHEAPEST and BEST TASTING (for the low low low price), e liquid.

If you are a new vaper, who has only use the really expensive pre-filled cartridges before, i highly recommend buying your own juice, and filling your cartos yourself. I use a huge battery and a tank now, myself, asi graduated from the cig style models, but, i do go back to them from time to time. and obviously i fill them myself.


Meet ECBlend.

the combinations of flavorsare endless, and while it is not the top most quality of juice, the amount that you get for your money is absolutely unsurpassed. I generally pay about 5-7 bucks for a 5 to 10 milliliter bottle of liquid, depending on quality. The best juice i have ever had was by far any juices by however, if you are looking to get, say… SIXTY MILLILITERS for LESS than THIRTY dollars, including shipping?????

ECBlend is where its at.

ALSO, something really awesome about them, is you can mentholate, EVERY flavor, if you want. So if you are a menthol smoker, you are no longer limited to whatever 3 nasty flavors you come across, that every liquid site has. Imagine… 200+ flavors, of menthol, if you want it. they also offer flavor boost,  variable pg/vg mixes, and variable nicotine, as is customary.

Check them out.

So there you have it folks. I you have reached out, and i have heard your call. all 12,000 of you. I hope this helps. please email any unanswered questions. or leave them in the comments. thanks.

<3 Kim